Skirmish Scenarios
Sample Scenario
I recently received a message from Donald McCalmon of the Gaming
Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania regarding the scenario book,
Airborne: The Battle at Foucarville.  His gaming group adapted the Bolt
Action rules set to scenario number 9,
The SP Guns.  He has graciously
given me permission to post the file, and I would like to thank for the opportunity to share this with our customers.
1.  Airborne: The Battle at Foucarville Book 1 – 12 scenarios that chronicle the
combat experience of the 101st Airborne at Foucarville on June 6, 1944

2.  Airborne: Le Barquette Lock Book 2 – 12 scenarios that chronicle the fighting at
Addeville, Les Droueries and Pouppeville.

3.  Airborne: Les Droueries Book 3 – 12 scenarios that transport the player from Dead
Man’s Corner to the culminating battle at Les Droueries

4.  Airborne: The Battle of Carentan Book 4 – 12 scenarios that take the player from
Saint-Côme-du-Mont, to the Ingouf Farm and the counterattack at Carentan

5.  A New Korean Crisis Notional scenarios about the resumption of hostilities

6.  Al-Fajr 14 scenarios based on the second battle for Fallujah

7.  Ardennes 12 scenarios based on great German offensive of 1944

8.  Arracourt '44 The largest tank battle on the Western front

9.  Bartered Bride Rescue a crude oil ship from pirates

10.  Beyond La Fièré 22 squad to company level scenarios based on the combat west of
the Merderet River during the early days of the Normandy Invasion

11.  Chef-du-Pont Skirmish scenarios that chronicle the 82nd Airborne Division's
struggle to capture the bridge at Chef-du-Pont during D-day

12.  Final Combat: Battle for Saipan – 24 skirmish scenarios based on fighting in

13.  Final Combat: Battle of Arnhem – 75 skirmish scenarios that chronicle Market

14.  Final Combat: Ernst Barkmann – 13 skirmish scenarios that examine this famous
tank commander

15.  Final Combat: Little Stalingrad – 37 skirmish scenarios that tell the story of
Canada's epic victory at the Adriatic seaport of Ortona

16.  Final Combat: Operation Jupiter – 30 skirmish scenarios that chronicle the battle
for Hill 112.

17.  Final Combat: Rudi Brasche – Ten skirmish scenarios based on the experience of
this Knight's Cross recipient

18.  Final Combat: Unternehmen Lüttich – 50 skirmish scenarios that chronicle the
battle of Mortain during August 1944

19.  Final Combat: Victoria Cross – This UK tribute is based on the heroic deeds of 12
VC recipients

20.  Flower of Our Youth Vietnam War skirmish scenarios for Final Combat

21.  Fulda Gap 10 scenarios that chronicle a fictional campaign through West Germany

22.  Hürtgen 20 historical WWII scenarios based on first 3 months in the Hürtgen

23.  La Fièré 12 company level scenarios that chronicle the 82nd Airborne’s action at the
Manoir de la Fièré on June 6, 1944

24.  La Résistance - 15 scenarios for role-playing and miniatures that chronicle the
experience of the French Resistance during WW2

25.  Medal of Honor Volume 1
Skirmishes based on the exploits of 12 American
heroes of WWII

26  Medal of Honor Volume 2 12 more MOH recipients are the subject of this

27  Micro Melee: Battle of Prokhorovka – 13 company level scenarios south of

28  Micro Melee: Black Watch – 15 company level scenarios based on Operation

29.  Micro Melee: Boot Camp – 8 company level scenarios that introduce
players to the Micro Melee gaming system

30.  Micro Melee: Bourguébus Ridge – 16 company level scenarios based on
Operation Goodwood

31.  Operation Bagration Soviet offensive of 1944

32  Operation Stryker Denial 12 scenarios based on the battle for Sadr City

33.  Peleliu Chronicles the experience of Marines on Peleliu

34.  Rhodesian Bush War 10 scenarios based on Rhodesian Civil War (1964-

35.  Rising Sun: Operation Galvanic – 12 company level scenarios that chronicle
the 2nd Marine Division's struggle on the Tarawa Atoll island of Betio during
November of 1943

36.  Rising Sun: Operation Watchtower – 12 company level scenarios that
chronicle the U.S.M.C experience on Guadalcanal from August through
November 1942

37.  Skirmish Scenarios A collection of 12 WWII skirmishes from various

38.  Solitaire Soldiers 10 scenarios designed to be played alone or
cooperatively with a friend

39Somewhere in Belgium Role-playing adventure for Final Combat, set during
the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944

40.  Stealth Invasion 10 scenarios based on 2014 civil war in Ukraine

41.  Terror at Sea Rescue hostages onboard a cruise ship

42.  The Last Offensive 20 scenarios based on the siege of Budapest and the
battle at Lake Balaton from January to March of 1945

43.  The Skirmish Collection Award winning scenarios by Steve Fliss

44.  Tier One Modern skirmish scenarios for SOF Warrior

45.  Trench Raiders Supplemental First World War Rules for Final Combat

46  WWII Eastern Front Skirmish Scenarios 12 skirmish scenarios by Andy

47.  WWII Skirmish Scenarios A variety pack of different theatres

48  Z-Men - 10 scenarios chronicling the exploits of Australia's elite special
forces in the struggle against the Japanese empire during WW2