SOF Warrior
Modern Skirmish Rules
In spite of the darkness, the SOF Warrior’s NODs enabled him to
see a lone sentry armed with an AK-47 sitting approximately 75
meters away.  Suddenly, the man stood up and the SOF operative
froze in place.  He cursed under his breath as he realized
something must have betrayed his presence.  Although, he was
certain he had not been spotted, the man began to run. The
operative knew he was intended to be an early warning, and soon
the other insurgents would be alerted.

Instinctively, his finger found the pressure pad on the fore grip of
his M4 Carbine which activated the infrared laser sight, and in an
instant the target was tracked.  With no time to attain a “cheek
weld” he squeezed the trigger…

...and the player rolled the dice!
Review by Rich Jones of
The Wargames Journal
PDF Version
SOF Warrior is the modern version of Final Combat, and although
it is designed around elite special forces, it plays brilliantly with
regular formations.  This squad-level simulation includes many of
the current weapons platforms.  Add an armored fighting vehicle
to your squad and enjoy the most exciting close quarters battle
experience for role-playing and miniatures available today.