Final Combat
Final Combat is a realistic set of 20th Century, squad-level  
skirmish rules for role-playing and miniatures.

The fourth edition incorporates all that has been learned over
the past seven years.  Although once a great innovation, the
Reason-to-look mechanic was  rarely used and has been
eliminated.  Moreover, the consolidation of tables and
modifiers has rendered the Excel Spreadsheet obsolete.  Now,
the tables are grouped by positive and negative modifiers,
which facilitates faster compilation.   

Final Combat employs a chit driven activation system that
abstractly represents unit cohesion
under combat conditions.  It is unique because it presents a
1:1 ground scale in the context of "
one second of
worthwhile action.

Final Combat also incorporates a scalable level of detail that
allows players to eliminate the damage model and use
generic character attributes.  

If you are looking for skirmish rules with simple mechanics,
yet you demand the ultimate in realism, try
Final Combat.  
Engaging a Target
Tank Against Tank
Throwing Grenades
Direct Fire Mortars
Calling Artillery
Panzerfaust Ambush
PDF Version
Fourth Edition
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